Choosing Ring Settings for Princess Cut Diamonds

You have just bought the perfect princess cut diamond for the princess of your heart.  Now you must find the perfect setting to set it off.  The princess cut is just a little different than the traditional round brilliant cut.  It is similar to a round brilliant cut, but it is square.  Most square cut diamonds cannot match the brilliance of round cuts, but round cuts are the most common, and you know that something common is not for her.  The princess cut is designed for getting the maximum brilliance from a square cut.

Ring settings for princess cut diamonds must protect the four pointed corners.  These corners are the most likely to chip and break.  This is also the reason why most square or rectangular cuts have cropped corners.  Not so with the princess cut, making the name befitting for its delicacy.  An improperly chosen setting for this delicate diamond can mean disaster.  A princess cut diamond with chipped corners is ruined.

The setting for princess cut diamond must protect the diamond, yet not detract from its exquisite optical properties.  For this reason, a four prong setting is a must for this cut.  The setting for a princess cut diamond allows for considerable creativity.  The square shape gives them an almost antique feeling.  The more ornate the setting, the more antique the feel will be.  The princes cut can also be mounted in a modern setting for a traditional, yet sleek feel.  One of the most beautiful characteristics of the princess cut is the versatility that it allows in setting design.

Four prong Tiffany style settings provide elegant beauty that is as unmatched as its name suggests.  W Prong settings are perfect for the princess style offering protection for the points and adding angular lines that give the ring an architectural feel.  “Lyric” settings for princess engagement rings provide a light and airy feel that highlights the diamond with its open sides allowing the light to shine through from all angles.

The X-prong provides stability and comfort at the same time.  The base of this style rises up to meet the diamond drawing attention away from the setting and onto the diamond itself, making it the perfect setting for the perfect diamond. “Inara” highlights the top of the diamond and gives it a solid base.  This beautiful setting also has an architectural, rather modern feel.  Not every setting is appropriate for a princess cut diamond and one must be careful to choose one that offers both protection of the points but that does not detract from its brilliance.





Tiffany and company faces legal issues


Tiffany and Co. has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Costco Wholesale Corporation in hopes that it will prevent Costco from cheapening their brand. However, Costco is claiming that tiffany could be defined as a generic diamond setting. The company promoted “Tiffany setting” rings – these rings are not manufactured by, approved by, licensed by, or associated with Tiffany in any way. Because of this, the jeweler says Costco is misleading customers while also injuring Tiffany’s business reputation.


Costco admitted they were mistaken to use the word “Tiffany” to describe the settings in those rings and said if any customer believed they were purchasing an authentic Tiffany engagement ring, they could return it at any time for a full refund. Additionally, they filed counterclaims citing that it is a generic term that refers to a specific type of setting. If the courts rule in favor of Costco, Tiffany rings could be viewed as commonplace, diluting the power associated with the brand name. To ensure that the high-end brand remains so, their proprietary rings and watches can only be bought at their company-owned retail stores where associates are trained professionally. Their aggressive intellectual property program and lawyers regularly take counterfeiters and infringers to court, but in this case Costco customers may have been more easily swayed because they often expect the warehouse to carry name brand products at discounted prices.

Beautiful diamond rings

If you’re looking for a place to buy wholesale diamonds and diamond rings, check out Jogia Diamonds. With more than 30 years of experience and in jewelry manufacturing, designing, and exporting, they have been able to benefit from the reduced amount of competition that comes with the online diamond market.


The majority of the diamonds sold by Jogia are GIA and AGS certified with top light performance, meaning the diamonds we sell shine and sparkle no matter where it is. Their professionals objectively analyze every diamond personally instead of simply going by what the certificate and cut grade says. This way, each client receives complete disclosure using the best diamond analytical tools available. By using these types of tools, any customer can essentially view the diamond before purchase.


In addition to the diamonds they sell, they also offer jewelry design and manufacturing services that allows clients to choose the perfect diamond and setting for their custom ring. They are the first diamond website in Australia to have thousands of GIA certificates available to download and feature detailed diamond analysis, such as proportion analysis, microscopic photos, AGS ASET images, and more. They provide multiple views and videos of every diamond and engagement ring and the only diamond website that offers interest free financing. They also have launched their own brand of diamonds called Crossfire that comes complete with their triple-guarantee and exclusive, unique packaging.


For Jogia Diamonds, the ideal client understands the value of a well cut, GIA certified diamond. They are willing to learn more about the company, as well as the products they sell and the tools they use, and is understanding of the barriers that are faced when dealing with diamonds and diamond jewelry through a website. Additionally, the customer should want to buy a beautiful diamond at a great price as opposed to the cheapest diamond that looks good on paper or through the description from the sales person. Jogia believes that diamonds given a grade on the GIA scale must be GIA certified and that cut, carat eight, and color are the most important aspects of the diamond. If a diamond is overseas, this will be fully disclosed – even if it means losing a sale, their professionals will always be honest based on their experience and judgment. They always try their best to serve their customers and believe in being completely open. They do this by publishing pricing on their website, putting ring designs online so other jewelers can easily copy them, objectively analyzing all diamonds they carry, and putting photos of their staff and managers on their website.


If you’re looking for high quality diamonds at a great price, check out the Jogia Diamonds website today!


What is the right type of jewelry?

One of the most popular Christmas gifts is jewelry. However, purchasing the right piece of jewelry is not always easy. In order to get the best possible jewelry gift, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, know the recipient’s taste, personality, and lifestyle. Jewelry is a very personal item, so when you pick the right piece it shows you know who she is. A good sales associate will ask questions to help you figure out her lifestyle preferences and what kind of jewelry she’s most likely to enjoy. Next, you can shop from a registry or wish list so you’re confident the gift will be enjoyed.
You can mix metals and materials, even in one piece. You can still purchase jewelry in sets, but it’s also fashionable to wear mixed items. New techniques like chocolate gold are also good. Finding versatile items is a great idea as well, like chains that are 32” long that you can layer with other necklaces or doubled. Another great choice is necklaces or bracelets you can add charms or pendants to.
Educate yourself about how a piece is made, what metals and stones it contains, and why it’s priced that way. Have a budget in mind and deal with a reputable retailer. Lastly, appreciate the art and craftsmanship in making fine jewelry and find unique or different pieces she will love.

Jewelry and kid shoes – an amazing combonation!


Buying shoes for children can be an extremely difficult process. They are often picky about what they want, and the shoes can be expensive. Paying a lot for kid’s shoes can seem ridiculous because they grow out of them so quickly that oftentimes they are not even worn enough to get the value out of your dollar. Combine all of those issues with the simple fact that shopping in itself can be a struggle with children, and you’ve found a situation you simply want to avoid at all costs. However, now there is a great option for shopping online that can make purchasing shoes for your children much easier. Not only do you get great shoes, but some have amazing jewelry with them!


The Carousel in Halifax has many children’s shoe stockists that know how important it is to make sure your children get their feet measured accurately so their shoe fits them the best. Wearing shoes that do not fit them properly can have a serious impact on a child’s foot health for many years in the future. They do have several physical store locations with trained staff members who can measure and fit your child with the best shoes available. They also know that shoe shopping is not always convenient or the best option for their customers, so they decided to offer the ability to purchase online while also having the most information possible so you’re confident you’re making the best purchase choice. You can even use their specially developed tools to measure your child’s foot at home. All you have to do is download the continental measuring gauge straight from their website. Simply print out the guide and use it to measure your child’s foot accurately right from your own home.


The Carousel carries a wide variety of shoes for boys and girls, including Kids Converse, Ecco, Richter, and Lelli Kelly for girls. Choose from boots, tennis shoes, ballet flats, high-tops, sandals, dress shoes, school shoes, pumps, and more. They always have a variety of clearance items available as well, so you can take advantage of the limited-time sale prices and stock up on shoes for the next season. Anything you purchase but sale items can be returned within 14 days of purchase as long as they are in the same condition and have all labels and swing tickets. Don’t waste time being frustrated taking your children shoe shopping at the mall. Instead, shop right from your own home and choose from a huge variety of shoe options for both boys and girls and know you’re getting the perfect size for your child with their foot measurement system.

American Gem Society & Diamond Quality

The American Gem Society (AGS) depends on one structure of grades to regulate a diamond’s quality as decided by specialized appraisers, and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) ultilizes a different scale. Both provide rates to almost all of the features of a diamond – cut, color and clarity. The AGS assigns grades on a 0 to 10 scale. Lower numbers signify a higher grade of diamond. The perfect diamond would qualify with 3 grades of zero and a high number for the carats indicating weight. GIA grading system for color start from D to Z, clarity commencing from FL to I3 plus cut from poor to excellent. Many jewelers ultilize either or both of those grading systems.

Only give a diamond with meaning

We are all familiar with the phrase “Diamonds are forever”. Moreover, countless couples use them to declare their love for each other. Women who receive a diamond from their lover or husband are sure to be smitten for some time to come. Frequently diamonds are presented as gifts at the moment that a man is proposing to a women. The eternity that society has attached to this unique gem has a dual meaning; firstly that it is incredibly hard-wearing meaning that it will last forever. And second it is symbolic of love that lasts forever. Therefore when men give and women receive diamonds they both appreciate that this is a profound gift.

Diamonds are forever

Popularly regarded as ‘Every woman’s best friend’, diamonds are a substance of worldwide allure and ultimate worth. While few women can resist the brilliant sparkle of this compelling jewel, diamonds have ornamented the ring finger of men also in lots of cultures for ages now. Probably nothing in this world could match up to the prospective or new bride’s dazzling smile and warm blush better than a diamond ring resting on her finger. That might be the reason why, mainly in Western cultures, diamond rings have emerged to be almost synonymous with ‘engagement rings’ and ‘wedding rings’. Once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as engagements and weddings